Pre-Veterinary Medicine

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As a pre-veterinary student at SIU, you can put your knowledge and compassion into practice. Veterinarians evaluate, diagnose, and treat disease of animals. Whether your interest is in animal production, companion animals, or wildlife and exotic animal health care, SIU can provide that solid foundation for your veterinary career.

There are two pathways to pursue a pre-veterinary curriculum at SIU. The first is the Animal Science degree through the School of Agriculture.  This pathway is appropriate for future veterinarians interested in working in animal production. The second is the Zoology Pre-Veterinary Science program through the School of Life Sciences. This pathway is appropriate for students interested in companion animal, wildlife, and exotic animal medicine.

Preventing disease and healing animals is at the heart of what veterinarians do. But as professionals, they also do much more. SIU can provide that solid foundation for pre-veterinary students seeking to reach their full academic and professional development potential.

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