Health Professions Advisement Committee

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Medical, dental, and optometry schools have a distinct preference for a "Committee letter" over individual letters of recommendation. This preference is so strong that some schools will not consider applicants without a Committee letter if their undergraduate institution offers them.

The letter is called a “committee letter” because it reflects the support of a committee who work with applicants and are in a position to evaluate their preparedness for entry into professional school. SIU is pleased to offer Committee letters to qualified applicants through its Health Professions Advisement Committee (HPAC).

The deadline for submission of the letter of intent for 2023 has passed.  If you are a current SIU student or recent alumnus and are interested in the Committee interview, please contact Liz Saunders at

2024 Committee Deadlines

November 1, 2022           Letter of Intent to Apply Due

December 21, 2022         Application Due

February 15, 2023             Letters of Recommendation Due

February-April 2023         Interviews Held

Beginning June 2023        Letters available for release with a student's school application